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Karate is an extremely popular form of ancient martial art. With origins traced as far back as nearly 1400 years ago, the Karate is a striking art using punching, kicking, elbow, knee and palm strikes. In some Karate styles there are throwing grappling and locks also practiced. Due to this, Karate kit, especially the gis, are designed to be lightweight to maximise the speed and movement of the Karateka

Around the world Karate is practiced as an art, a sport, a combat sport or as a self defence technique.

Kata Karate is the combination of movements in a specified sequence in order to show understanding of the martial art. It is used to practice Karate techniques, as well as moving up to the next rank in the martial art.

Kumite Karate is the sparring aspect of the martial art. The physical side of the sport is used in training, competitions and self defence training.

KickSport are proud to offer a huge selection of Karate gear, from Karate gis to drink bottles, meeting the needs of beginners taking their first steps in the sport, to the most advanced Karate athletes competing in major tournaments. Whatever you need, you can find it at KickSport.



To give you the best choice when it comes to Karate gear, KickSport have specifically chosen a selection of top brands in the industry. They guarantee you the best in terms of quality, design and value for money. With brands like KickSport, Tokaido, Giko, adidas and Hayashi to choose from we are sure you will not be disappointed.


Karate gis differ to other martial arts gis as they are generally a much lighter uniform. This is because the martial art focuses mainly on kicks, strikes and throws, compared to other martial arts where grapples and throws are more important. The lightweight Karate uniforms are still robust, but allow the Karateka to maximise their mobility and speed when training and competing in Karate.

Our extensive range of quality and affordable Karate uniforms meets the needs of adults and children of all ages. There are different cuts and weights available, but the emphasis on quality for each brand is clear throughout.


We have a great selection of plain coloured, machine washable Karate belts ideal for Karatekas of any grade. Each Karate belt is made to a high standard, long lasting and excellent value for money. They are available in various sizes to fit adults and children whether you are training or competing.


Karate is a contact sport and so there is always a risk of injuries when sparring and competing. KickSport offers a great selection of protective equipment perfect for Karate to keep you safe when performing the martial art. Each area of martial arts protection has a number of high quality brands offering long-lasting, durable and comfortable safety from your head to your feet. Our range is ideal for tournaments and club training, with sizes fitting both adults and juniors.


Due to the importance of training, KickSport has a wide range of high quality and affordable martial arts training equipment to help you practice and hone your Karate skills. The high quality pads, paddles and focus mitts are perfect for Karate training, which encourages precise and powerful strikes and kicks. Practice makes perfect!


KickSport's selection of martial arts accessories are the perfect items to add to your Karate experience. From training shoes to drinks bottles, you can find that little something extra to improve your performance or bring a smile to someone's face.

We offer a great selection of specially designed martial arts shoes perfect for keeping you comfortable when Karate training at home or at your club.

Our selection of medical supplies let you treat minor bumps, bruises, scrapes and strains you inevitably get when training or competing in Karate. They are all of a CE safety standard and help treat small injuries fast and effectively to help you get back to your training and competitions.

KickSport also has a great selection of stylish sports bags to help keep your Karate kit all in one place.

Staying hydrated is very important when involved in any sports, and Karate is no different. We offer great drink bottles to keep you hydrated and performing to your maximum in training and competitions.


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